number 49

i’ve been so bad. well, not on purpose. in my own defense, i had the intention of blogging last week, started the blog, took a little break, and closed my computer. later, i decided to restart my computer so it could install updates and WHOOPS! forgot to save the blog i had worked so hard on! i was feeling really sappy that evening and had been typing about how much i missed my friends, made a little (actually not so little) photo album, basically just feeling sorry for myself for not being able to be close to my girlfriends. maybe it was a good thing i lost the post! it wasn’t too upbeat to begin with! to sum up my lost post: i miss you girlfriends, and hope to see you SO soon :) much better!

anyway! what’s new:

  • if anyone saw my facebook status a few weeks ago, you'll see that i’ve decided to go back to school! despite my best efforts to take my brother’s place when he went to orientation, i’m only taking 1 class at the local community college! it’s pretty much an intro course to graphic design, just to get me into the swing of things, and getting familiar with adobe photoshop. we use it relatively often at work, and i’m hoping that my next class will be on adobe illustrator, which we use QUITE often at work. i’ve never had any formal training on either program before, so i’m looking forward to actually having some credentials!
  • andrew and i are planning a long weekend trip to visit family in arkansas at the end of the month!! i couldn’t be more excited! it’s been well over a year since my last trip to the delta and only andrew’s 2nd trip – ever!!  - notice all the exclamation points --- i really AM excited! we’ll be DRIVING down on a thursday and heading back monday. the best (ok, the only good) thing about driving is planning the trip around meal times and stopping in memphis just in time for dinner. the barbeque shop is a must-stop for anyone traveling through the area (or within a 100 mile radius). 2 words: barbeque bologna. yum! i am so excited for this LONG overdue trip.

that’s all i’ve got for now! not too much going on! i better post this quick before i do something crazy and lose all my hard work!!!

love y’all!


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