number 22

ok ok! i think i've kept y'all in suspense long enough! sorry for the mental torture. my big announcement: drum roll please........

meet jack - the newest member of our family and the cutest being in existence on the planet at this very moment.

"hi! my name is jack, and i'm now a tappan! i am a golden retriever. my favorite things to do are explore, sniff the ground, eat leaves, chase the kitty, cuddle with humans, lick faces (human and animal kind), lay in the monkey grass (because it's cool on my belly), and chew on my rope baby chew toy. i'm a "morning dog" - i like to get up very early, and bark and whine until everyone else is up with me so we can PLAY!"

overall, he is a very very good dog. he loves to cuddle and is very well tempered. we're currently trying to break his nibbling habits and constantly making sure he doesn't tee tee on the hardwood floors. *bad dog!*

this is my family's dog - meaning that it will stay at the tappan house when andrew and i are married. luckily i'll be around for a few more months to give mom and dad a little help in raising our new baby!

here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment! feel free to comment on how precious and perfect he is! haha!

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MeredithT said...

What a cutie! That will be a joy this summer. Have fun!

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