number 53

can we not talk about how many times i’ve been meaning to make a blog post? since the last time we’ve seen each other, i’ve been traveling cross-country (or just half way…), playing in the blizzards, laughing at the kitties, and working on some new designs.

1. andrew and i made it to arkansas just in time to get iced in! the weather did put a kink in some of our plans, but we still had a fun time catching up and sleeping in!DSC05182 DSC05195

2. i’ve gotten really addicted to several tv shows this season. namely because im trying to fill the void until gossip girl decides to come back. just to name a few: the bachelor, lost, and 30rock. ive never been a huge bachelor/bachelorette fan, but i decided to jump in when this year’s premier rolled around. basically, i spend my monday nights bashing vienna (ugh!) and my tuesday mornings reading this hilarious recap blog.

3. our cats have been making us laugh so much lately. actually, just annie.


4. we’ve been preparing for the 3RD snowstorm this winter. i think we’ve got enough diet coke and snack food to last us the weekend – and then some!

not too much to say, but i wanted to let y’all know that i am still here!


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