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i’m having an identity crisis. if you’re a regular blogger you see that i’ve changed my scheme about 3 times in the past week. the navy just wasn’t working for me. a blog template is like an outfit that you wear ALL the time!! it’s stressful to settle on a new one! haha. i felt the need to admit that yes, i have been a little fickle lately.

i’m fickle because the design on this background, the design of this blog, designed by me, is now a marketing tool. i’ve attempted recently to market myself as a designer and artist of sorts. in the past week, i’ve opened a business facebook account for lwdesigns, and have gotten a really great response so far! i’ve received a few blog template requests, lots of really sweet comments, and even a freelance design job offer from an old friend! i’m finally feeling like i’m where i need to be in my career. i admit, i fell a little bit behind for a while, but i’m coming back! and i’m feeling great about it!

i think a lot about careers and what path i was supposed to take in college, where i would be now had i chosen a different major and career. only because my best friends have such clearly defined occupations. i was talking to one of my best friends not too long ago about her upcoming practicum in nursing school and a new job beginning this week. she was on cloud nine! SO excited and anxious about the things she would see and learn, and finally being able to solve actual problems, really help people, and actually use the concepts that she’d worked so hard to learn so far in school. i have to say that i am overjoyed for her today, but i could’ve kicked myself because a part of me felt envious of her passion and excitement for her new adventure. my dad’s always told me that if you enjoy what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life. i’ve struggled so hard in my years post-college trying to make that my life’s mission statement – trying to force it - opening doors only to close them weeks, months, or years later. 

i feel confident that i’m on the right track now. i’ve always considered myself a creative person. i like being the girl in the back on the computer - rather than the salesperson making commissions. that’s just me. i like to think that everyone has an identity crisis at one point or another. i’ve just been long overdue.

on a lighter note, i’ve got the day off tomorrow and plan on working on a new blog template for a client. thinking about making these as well: imageyum! the picture sells itself, and honestly, who doesn’t love cupcakes?

thanks for letting me ramble tonight. y’all are the best.


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are you talking about meeee :)

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